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The goal of HealthyEnviron is to increase public awareness of how environmental hazards vary across the United States and how these factors contribute to health and chronic illness.

Our Methodology

Unfortunately, specific data isn't available for every address in the United States. Instead, HealthEnviron uses the data that is available and uses it to estimate a reading for each enrivonmental factor in our database. When you enter a location, HealthyEnviron sets to work analyzing millions of data points from across multiple databases in order to estimate readings for your location.

Note that for many measures, we actually have multiple readings for a given location. For instance, we don't just have one Ozone measure for a given address - the EPA typically takes hundreds or thousands of measurements over time throughout the year! For this type of timeseries data, we compare locations based on their 98th percentile reading. Because there are 52 weeks in a year, the 98th percentile effectively represents "what does the worst week look like in this location in a given year?". Whenever multiple years of data are available, we only look at data from the most recent calendar year.

Once we estimate a reading for your location, we then convert that reading into a "subscore", a score between 0 (very bad!) and 100 (very good!). We then calculate an overall score for your location by taking the average of these subscores and again normalizing it so that 0 continues to represent a very bad score and 100 a very good one.

Contact Us

HealthyEnviron was founded by Adam Aisen in 2017. Please feel free to reach out at healthyenvironapp at gmail dot com.

Scientific advice and expertise was generously contributed by Dr. Tiffany Sanchez. Check out the peer-reviewed research of Dr. Sanchez here. Dr. Sanchez is a post-doc at Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health.